Tracking Instructions

Instructions For Competitors

This is an OPTIONAL service. We do not use it to track racers in case of an emergency; it is purely for competitors to share their locations on the race map with spectators online. All competitors who are signed up for this service will appear on the map. In order to work, you need an approved GPS communication device that works with the Spotwalla app. This includes Garmin inReach and select other devices. You must provide your own device. We will have some available for rent, but it is a good idea to get familiar with your device prior to your arrival.

These instructions may appear a little overwhelming but it's actually really easy, so chin up! This service is provided by Sinister Sports for FREE, however you do need a Spotwalla account – see below.

  1. Device Requirements:
    1. Your device must work with the Spotwalla app – we recommend Garmin inReach as it is very reliable and this is the standard device within our organization (See the Approved Device List Here)
    2. Your device should be able to show you when you go off course, and have a screen to display your location and route 
  2. Device Settings:
    1. The tracking send interval (located in the device settings) should not be more than every 30 minutes
    2. The device must stay on for the entire duration of the race
    3. Tracking must be set to ON for the duration of the race
    4. Privacy settings must allow us to track you via Spotwalla (i.e. it cannot be set to private and map sharing must be turned on)
  3. Add Your Device to Spotwalla:
    1. You will only show on the map if you have signed up for a Spotwalla account, which is very low cost and simple to do (Get a Spotwalla Account Here)
      • Accounts cost around $0.07 USD per day and tracking can be disabled when not in use.
    2. To add your device to the app, see the detailed instructions HERE
  4. Join the Event in Spotwalla:
    1. Once you have your account, join the Location Page for the event
    2. The password to join is sinner
    3. Use your name as your Location ID
    4. Be sure to sign up for the Sinister 7 Location Page well in advance of the race so that we can troubleshoot any issues and not rush the day before the race
  5. Tracking Link:
    1. You should also send us your personal tracking link, which will allow us to see your track throughout the race
      • This is purely for safety as it will show us the route to your location and help us contact you if you go off course. We will add this to the racer profile edit form prior to the race.
  6. Notes:
    1. With most devices, tracking only updates when you are moving - so if you stop moving, neither the device nor the tracking map will update, meaning that it will typically show the position and time when you stopped


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