Race Date: July 9-10, 2022

100-miler • 50-miler • 50k • Relay

Welcome to Sinister 7 Ultra — a race that may be the greatest challenge of your life. The 100-mile and 50-mile courses will take you through the most rugged, remote and beautiful terrain in Alberta's stunning Rocky Mountains. With over 6,600m of elevation gain across the 100-mile course, this race will punish those who are not prepared.

Sinister 7 is open to solo runners or teams of up to seven and racers have 30 hours to complete the grueling event. The course is split into seven stages, each featuring a geographic and historic highlight of the area. The race's name is inspired by the treacherous Seven Sisters Mountain that looms over much of the course.

We have three distance options in the 2022 race: the 100-mile, the 50-miler (half of leg 4, + legs 3 through 1), and the 50km (half of leg 4 + leg 2 and 1).

In 2022, we will be running the Sinister 7 Ultra course in reverse. This comes with great logistical challenges, which is why we have not done it sooner, but with great challenge comes great reward!        

Be sure to check out the Racer Information Package for full race details.

Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc Alberta Ultra SeriesTrail Sisters Approved

Race Details

Full race info is in the Racer Information Package.

Date/Start Time:
July 9-10, 2022

  • Friday
    • 1:00pm-9:00pm – Racer Check-in
    • 7:00pm – Racer Meeting
    • 7:45pm – Volunteer Meeting
  • Saturday
    • 7:00am – 100-mile Race Start
    • 7:00am-9:00am – 50-mile/50k Late Check-in (at Country Encounters)
    • 10:00am – 50-mile Race Start
    • 10:30am – 50k Race Start
  • Sunday
    • 12:00am – 50k course closes
    • 10:00am – 50-mile course closes
    • 1:00pm – 100-mile course closes + race ends
    • 1:15pm – Awards
Friday Check-in:
Crowsnest Sports Complex
Crowsnest Pass (Coleman), Alberta
Saturday Check-in (50mi/50k only):
Country Encounters
7701 17 Ave, Crowsnest Pass (Coleman), Alberta
Start Locations:
  • 100-Mile - Solo or Relay split into 7 stages ranging from 16.7km to 36.2km
  • 50-Mile - Solo only, split into four stages ranging from 10.7km to 36.2km
  • 50k - Solo only, split into three stages ranging from 16.7km to 18.3km
Elev. Gain/Loss:
  • 100-Mile – 6363m gain / 6287m loss
  • 50-Mile – 3511m gain / 3514m loss
30 hours (100-miler) / 24 hours (50-miler)
Registration Cap:
1,600 racers total. 250 spots reserved for solos until the end of January.
Registration Opens:
Solos - December 1; 12:00hrs (MST)
Teams - December 2,; 12:00hrs (MST)†

†Expected to fill in 1 minute
Registration Deadline:
June 23; 23:59hrs (MST) or when full
Support Crew:
A support crew (someone to move your gear and food) is not required but recommended for solo runners.
Transition Area (TA):
  • See the TA driving directions in the Racer Information Package
  • TAs are located at the end of each stage
  • Solo runners, and teams if need be, are allowed a drop bag at every TA
  • TAs are accessible by vehicle
  • Relay racers should be at the TA approximately one hour before their previous runner
  • TAs are staffed and have drinking water available as well as food for all runners (note that this is snack food and should not be your primary sustenance)
  • Runner support crews are able to meet racers at all TAs
Aid Stations (CPs):
  • CPs are located throughout each stage
  • All stages have at least one CP
  • Runners are not allowed to cache gear at CPs (picking up or dropping off) but they are encouraged to leave garbage here.
  • CPs are staffed and have drinking water available. Some have snack food but do not count on it.
  • Support crews should not meet their runners at CPs
  • Female Solo (100 + 50-Mile)
  • Female Solo Masters (100 + 50-Mile)
  • Male Solo (100 + 50-Mile)
  • Male Solo Masters (100 + 50-Mile)
  • Co-ed Team (100-Mile)
  • Female Team (100-Mile)
  • Male Team (100-Mile)
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