The Sinister Sports Experience

What makes our events unique and what can you expect?

Real People

Our core crew all come from a range of competitive backgrounds, so we know what racers want and need. Collectively we are pretty awesome and you will always feel welcome at our events. Meet some of our crew here.

We live in the Rocky Mountains and we are so thrilled to share these beautiful places.

Professionally Run

Our senior leadership has over 20 years of experience in event management and each of our crew members brings unique talents to the team.

We don't cut corners; you can always expect that we will follow through on what we promise and we only do it the right way. We care about everything from the overall feel to the smallest detail.

Premium Swag + Perks

Not your usual t-shirt! We seek out quality brands for our giveaway items for both racers and volunteers. Everything is custom designed to our specifications. Each race has its own unique swag item in addition to the shirt. We only give you things that are meaningful, purposeful, and useful. Expect to be asked about your swag!

All competitors and volunteers are encouraged to join us at our post-race meal and awards ceremony.


We don't just host races. Our events are about people sharing unique experiences with other people; from competitors, to volunteers, to the local community. We create a space for everyone to come together and accomplish goals in beautiful and challenging environments.

We team up with coaches and trainers throughout the year to ensure that everyone has a chance to develop their skills. Some are free seminars and others are full weekend training camps where you get to see the course.

If you ever need local intel about the race course or training in the area, reach out and we will connect you with a run club, local sponsor, or local runners.

Social Responsibility

We strive to be involved in the communities where we operate. Our crew volunteers for trail maintenance, and we donate to several charities that support local causes and activities. We work with local non-profit organizations to help them become a part of our races so that they can use them as fundraisers.

We believe strongly in supporting youth athletics and education. We support a scholarship in our home town, as well as sponsoring entries for young athletes to compete in our events.

We are always looking for new ways to minimize our waste. In 2023 we started using custom, reusable flagging tape, just as one example. We do not provide cups on the course and encourage everyone to bring a reusable vessel.

Medical + Safety

We don't leave your safety to chance. We only hire professional paramedics and qualified medical personnel for all of our events, as well as experienced Search and Rescue teams.

Our course markings are bar none, and we make GPX routes available for each event so that you can add them to your device.

Testimonials + Good Vibes

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