Sinister Kids

Our New Kids' Race

In 2023 we are introducing Sinister Kids - a race for your young runners! This is a fun experience to help kids up to 15 enjoy Sinister 7 Ultra. The categories are 9 and under, 10-12, and 13-15.

The race starts and finishes at TA2/3, which is also the 50k race finish line. This location is vibrant so the participants will really feel like a part of the race. At 4km with approximately 185m of elevaton gain, it's a challenge but perfect for kids who want to try hard.

Parents may accompany young children, but kids should carry their own food and water for the entire race - there are no aid stations. Children must start and finish the race to the greatest extent possible on their own, although some very young children and kids with special needs may need parental assistance. Parents, please be advised that smaller, less competitive, or slower children must go to the back of the starting line. Parents... please use common sense when fueling your little racer before the event! We don't want them bonking out there.

After the race, we will have awards on site with kid-friendly snacks.


Friday Check-in:
Crowsnest Sports Complex
You MUST check in on Friday
Blairmore (Isabel Sallon School field)
Start Time:
Elev. Gain/Loss:
Approximately 2 hours
Registration Cap:
150 kids total
Registration Deadline:
June 23; 23:59hrs (MST) or when full
  • Female 9 and under
  • Female 10-12
  • Female 13-15
  • Male 9 and under
  • Male 10-12
  • Male 13-15
The awards will be held at TA2/3 either at 2:45pm OR when the last kid crosses the finish line.

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