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Race Requirements

Downloads so you can plan for race day:

Racer Information Package – This is your first resource for information on the Hook or Crook. It contains everything you need to know about the race and more.

Medical Form – This form is optional. Fill it out if you have a medical condition or anything you want our medics to know (contact lenses to heart problems).

Emergency Protocol – Please review this document as it will help you understand what to do in case of an emergency.

Mandatory/Recommended Gear

This list is a mix of mandatory and recommended gear. You will be in remote wilderness, and you are responsible for your safety. If you are injured it may be several hours before we can reach you, so you need to be prepared. Do not think it will not happen to you! Weather changes quickly in the mountains so prepare accordingly. You may elect to carry additional gear, like bear spray, at your discretion. We reserve the right to add gear

  1. Headlamp (mandatory after 5:00pm)
  2. Garmin inReach (mandatory)
  3. Battery backup (mandatory - provided)
  4. Spotwalla Account (mandatory)††
  5. Race Bib (mandatory - provided)
  6. Timing Chip (mandatory - provided)
  7. Emergency Bivvy (mandatory - provided)
  8. Full water bottles or hydration pack to carry 2L of fluid
  9. Wind/water resistant jacket
  10. Micro-spikes in case of snow in the alpine
  11. Toque or warm hat
  12. Sun hat
  13. Full-finger gloves
  14. Running/trekking poles
  15. Snowshoes (just in case)
  16. Whistle (for alerting others)
  17. Bear spray or bear banger (IF you know how to use it)

If you do not have an inReach, we can rent you one for a reasonable rate. Other acceptable devices are on the approved list of the Spotwalla App. We will swap your battery at major aid stations if required.

†† Spotwalla is an app that will allow us to track all competitors on one map. If you rent an inReach from us, this will be included with the device. If you bring your own device, you must sign up for an account. See the Spotwalla App Information here.

If you do not wear your timing chip or bib number, as per the race rules, you are not considered a competitor in the event.

No cups at aid stations

Note: We do not supply disposable cups at our aid stations, so you must have a vessel if you want water or electrolyte. You are welcome to refill bottles and bags.

Prohibited/Restricted Items

Rules and Definitions

Updated October 28, 2022


Race Rules

  1. Competitors are required to check in at registration by 8:00pm on the day prior to the race, and sign a waiver provided by the Sinister Sports Inc. A competitor is considered DNS without a signed waiver.
  2. Competitors are responsible for their own medical coverage and all costs incurred by any form of rescue services, treatment, or hospitalization if they are injured during the race. If emergency evacuation is required, the cost will be the responsibility of the individual in need of assistance. This includes the cost of airlifting and helicopter or ground search if required.
  3. Start Times:
    1. The race begins at 8:00am on the Tuesday of the race.
    2. Competitors must start within 10 minutes of their assigned start time. Late starters may be removed from the course or shuttled ahead and marked as Unranked at the discretion of the Race Director.
  4. Finish Times:
    1. The race ends at 8:00am Saturday for an elapsed time of 96 hours.
    2. Racers not finished by this time will be considered Over Time Limit (OTL) and do not receive a regulation time.
  5. Start and finish times may be adjusted at the discretion of the Race Director due to environmental or safety factors.
  6. Each leg of the race has a cutoff, and competitors must start the next leg by the time listed. If a competitor cannot finish their leg by this time, they may be instructed to pull out of the race. Cutoff times are available on the course page of the website.
  7. The only means of travel on the course is walking, running, or crawling. No mechanical assistance is allowed. Using any other means of travel will result in disqualification.
  8. The timing chip is property of Sinister Sports, or it's suppliers, and must be returned at the end of the race.
  9. The numbered race bib must be worn on the front of your body so that it is visible to race marshals.
  10. Competitors must carry mandatory race gear at all times, as shown in the Race Requirements section of this page. Not carrying the mandatory gear will result in penalties or disqualification at the discression of the race director
  11. Competitors must check in at all CPs. Your number and time will be recorded before you continue on the course.
  12. The course is published and marked, and runners must adhere to the designated route; any deviance or short cuts will result in disqualification.
  13. If any act of nature or uncontrollable act takes place that inhibits your progress on the course (eg: snow, rockslide) no time credit will be given; these factors are a part of the race.
  14. Competitors are allowed assistance (eg: support crew, volunteer, race marshal, or bystander) only at designated CPs. Accepting assistance outside a CP from anyone besides a registered competitor (see 15) or race medic will result in disqualification. You can receive assistance from appointed race medics anywhere on the course, even outside of designated CPs, providing that the assistance is not in the form of transportation.
  15. Competitors are allowed to use pacers on specific sections of the race as detailed in the Racer Information Package. Competitors are also allowed to work together on course, and provide assistance to each other between CPs.
  16. Competitors are not allowed to cache food or gear along the course except at designated areas.
  17. Littering on the course is unacceptable and will result in immediate disqualification.
  18. Any competitor found using, or supplying performance-enhancing drugs to other competitors, will be disqualified and permanently barred from all Sinister Sports events. See http://list.wada-ama.org/ for banned substances. Sinister Sports Inc. respects any existing bans and will comply with any investigation undertaken by anti-doping agencies. Competitors may apply for an exemption by contacting the Race Director.
  19. Headphones must be removed in a CP. Not doing so may result in penalties or disqualification at the discretion of the Race Director. If used on course, consider wearing only one earbud and keeping the volume at an acceptable level so that you can hear your surroundings without disturbing other competitors.
  20. Any competitor that drops out of the race must notify the nearest race marshal or director at the earliest opportunity. Do not drop out of the race without telling race officials as this will result in a costly search and you may be billed.
  21. Medical staff and/or Race Directors may remove any competitor from the racecourse if they feel it is unsafe for the competitor to proceed (eg: natural hazards, hypothermia, dehydration, frostbite, debilitating injury, unprepared for weather events).
  22. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and may result in disqualification at the discretion of the Race Director.
  23. Any disputes with the racecourse, race results, course management or the actions of other competitors must be submitted to the Race Director, in writing, within 30 minutes of the end of the race. If not received within this time, complaints will not be considered.
  24. The Race Director will determine if there has been a violation of these rules and will be the final authority in assigning penalties.

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