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Our promise to you, as with all of our events, is that we deliver the most scenic, most challenging, and most rewarding course possible. This race will be truly epic.

The race will celebrate our Rocky Mountain heritage, and highlight portions of the stunning Great Divide Trail. Our vision for The Divide 200 is to keep you up high and enjoying the varied landscape of the Continental Divide. Explore the Southern Canadian Rockies

The course is a combination of single track, double track, a small amount of road, cross country, and even a bit of bushwhacking and scrambling. River crossings? Yes, that's par for the course in the Rockies. The race is about alpine travel, ridge walks, and getting you into remote back country.

This event is for people with a great deal of both race experience and alpine experience. There will be some sections of route finding even though it is a prescribed course; the terrain can just be really gnarly out there.

Checkpoints will be every 20 to 40km apart, depending on the section of the race.

A big shout out to our friends at Uplift Adventures for their consultation on the route planning.

NOTE: This route is still under review by four different government jurisdictions. While we are confident in our route choices, getting permits is a lengthy process that weighs numerous considerations, so changes to the course are still possible. This overview shows you what we are planning, and what we have proposed.

CAUTION: If you choose to explore using this information, you do so at your own risk. These files are for reference only. Do not enter land that is marked as private.


Distance: 201mi / 324km
Gain: 40,465' / 12,335m
Loss: 40,465' / 12,335m
Duration: 96 hours to complete the course

The Divide 200 Elevation


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