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If you signed up between 1pm on Friday, July 16 and 1pm on Tuesday, July 20, we may have lost your information due to a database error. Please check the Volunteer Summary page and look for your name. If you aren't there, please contact us or sign up again.

The Canadian Death Race is nothing without the help of volunteers. Whether you want a remote Checkpoint or a Transition Area where you can drive in and camp with the family, we have a job for you! We attract a lot of fun volunteers and this is also a great opportunity to meet new people.

Race Volunteers

All volunteers get a race T-shirt, a meal with the racers at the awards ceremony, draw prize opportunities and more. Most importantly, you get to experience a fantastic event and cheer racers on as they push themselves to the limit. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us: .

Be sure to have a look at the Volunteer Overview documents we have created:
What to Expect – Volunteer Overview
Volunteer Schedule
Volunteer Documents
Find Your Location (if you already signed up)

First Name:*
Last Name:*
Email Address:*
Phone (with area code-preferably Mobile #):*
Notes (skills, requests, specific volunteers you want to work with, specific locations you want to work or avoid, etc):
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Volunteer Locations: You are signing up for specific times and locations – please pick as many as you like but do not overlap times. Once a spot is filled, we record it on the schedule.  Click on the location for a site description.*
Registration Thursday/Friday – Rec Centre
18:00-22:00 hrs Thu. 2/18 Spots
08:00-12:00 hrs Fri. 0/18 Spots
12:00-16:00 hrs Fri. 16/24 Spots
16:00-20:00 hrs Fri. 5/24 Spots
Start Line (100) – Central Park
Includes tent, table, and gear set-up
07:00-08:30 hrs Sat. 0/5 Spots
CP-109 – Horse Barns
FULL 07:30-10:00 hrs Sat. 4/4 Spots
TA-200 (TA1) – AWN
Assigned by Admin - Includes tent, table, and food set-up
FULL 08:00-12:30 hrs Sat. 0/0 Spots
CP-206 – Flood/Grande
Jeep or OHV Access Only!
09:30-13:30 hrs Sat. 0/4 Spots
CP-207 – Flood Summit
Jeep or OHV Access Only with 1km steep hike!
09:30-14:00 hrs Sat. 0/3 Spots
CP-214 (formerly 219) – West Flood
ATV or Hike in Only!
10:00-17:00 hrs Sat. 1/3 Spots
CP-226 – Hwy 40/Shand
11:00-15:00 hrs Sat. 0/3 Spots
15:00-19:00 hrs Sat. 0/3 Spots
TA-300 (TA2) – Central Park
11:00-15:00 hrs Sat. 4/7 Spots
15:00-19:00 hrs Sat. 0/7 Spots
CP-304 – Toboggan Hill
11:30-14:30 hrs Sat. 0/2 Spots
14:30-18:00 hrs Sat. 0/2 Spots
CP-316 – Mine/Hwy 40
12:30-16:30 hrs Sat. 0/2 Spots
16:30-20:30 hrs Sat. 0/2 Spots
TA-400 (TA3) – Hamel Field
First shift includes tent, table, and food set-up
13:00-17:00 hrs Sat. 0/7 Spots
17:00-21:00 hrs Sat. 0/7 Spots
CP-406 – Hamel Access
Gravel Road Access
12:30-23:30 hrs Sat. 0/4 Spots
CP-410 – Hamel North Face
OHV Access Only!
13:30-23:00 hrs Sat. 0/4 Spots
CP-416 – Hamel Summit
OHV Access Only! OHV to trailhead then moderate 1km Hike Required.
14:00-23:00 hrs Sat. 0/3 Spots
CP-423 – Beaverdam/Ambler
Gravel Road Access
14:30-21:00 hrs Sat. 0/4 Spots
21:00 Sat.-03:30 hrs Sun. 0/3 Spots
TA-500 (TA4) – Sulphur Gates Road
First shift includes tent, table, and food set-up
15:30-20:30 hrs Sat. 1/7 Spots
20:30 Sat.-01:00 hrs Sun. 2/7 Spots
01:00-05:30 hrs Sun. 0/7 Spots
CP-510 – Lower Sulphur Gates
16:30-23:30 hrs Sat. 0/3 Spots
23:30 Sat.-06:00 hrs Sun. 0/3 Spots
CP-513 – River Crossing
Grim Reaper and Boat Launch - moderate 500m hike required
18:00 Sat.-00:00 hrs Sun. 1/4 Spots
00:00-06:00 hrs Sun. 2/4 Spots
CP-521 – 104 St./Hoppe
18:30-23:00 hrs Sat. 0/2 Spots
23:00 Sat.-04:00 hrs Sun. 0/2 Spots
04:00-08:00 hrs Sun. 0/2 Spots
Finish (600) – Central Park
18:00-23:00 hrs Sat. 0/5 Spots
23:00 Sat.-04:00 hrs Sun. 1/6 Spots
04:00-09:00 hrs Sun. 1/6 Spots
Kids' Race!
12:30-16:00 hrs Sun. 1/30 Spots
1st Aid – Location Assigned
Minimum Standard 1st Aid Required - must be verified.
FULL 08:00-16:00 hrs Sat. 3/3 Spots
FULL 16:00 Sat.-00:00 hrs Sun.3/3 Spots
00:00-08:00 hrs Sun. 0/3 Spots
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