How Hard is The Race?

Canadian Death Race is really, really hard

Canadian Death Race is Tough

Every year we get a lot of questions about Canadian Death Race, especially about the difficulty of the race. So what are you getting into?

First off, it's called "Death Race", which should give you an idea. This isn't because anyone has died at Death Race; you will, however, feel like death. You leave a part of your soul on the course, along with some DNA from the rugged trails.

Leg 1 is relatively straightforward with lots of wet areas and brushy trails.

Leg 2 is where the wheels start to fall off the bus. You'll climb and climb, and then climb some more. Then you'll face relentless descents. There is only one aid station with food at around 19km in.

Leg 3 is mostly flat and runable, with a few notable sections of loose trail and ridiculous, short climbs. There is no food/water station on Leg 3.

Leg 4 is the make-or-break point of the race. You go up Mount Hamell... this infamous peak hides weather and punishes racers with bad conditions almost every year.

Leg 5 gives you brushy trails but much needed relief from climbing... until after you cross the river when you are faced with the last big ascent out of the valley. Then it's a steady uphill all the way to the finish line.


Are you ready?

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