Cutoff Times

Changes to course cutoffs

We have analyzed the cutoff times from the past several years, and consulted with our race crew and advisory board. We have decided to make a number of changes. Cutoffs are used for both to keep the race moving and for safety. Note that if poor conditions persist, Race Admin reserves the right to change or add cutoff times as required in order to manage racer and volunteer safety.

Racers must leave these locations by the times listed:

  • Start Leg 2 – 12:00pm Saturday (was 1:00pm)
    • Longest projected time is 3:40 for Leg 1.
  • Finish (Marathon) – 5:30pm Saturday (no change)
  • Start Leg 3 – 5:00pm Saturday (was 6:00pm)
    • In 2018 the cutoff was designed to match the Marathon finish +30 minutes of transition time. This is unrealistic as racers would only have 1:45 to run 19km.
  • CP-316 – 6:45pm Saturday (new)
    • We saw a number of runners unprepared for running in the dark, so in order to keep runners off of this trail in the dark, we need to add a cutoff. Runners that do not pass CP-316 by this time are unlikely to make the next cutoff time.
  • Start Leg 4 – 7:45pm Saturday (no change)
  • Hamel Escape – Cutoff removed
    • It is logistically difficult to stop runners on the side of the mountain. We are not removing rescue resources from this location, but we would prefer to see racers go forward under their own power.
  • Start Leg 5 – 4:45am Sunday (no change)
  • Last Boat – 6:30am (was 6:00am)
    • It is realistic that a strong runner can finish the remaining distance in 1:30. We do not anticipate that this will increase the finish rate within the 24 hour cutoff.
  • Finish (Ultra) – 8:00am Sunday (no change)
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