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The Castle Alpine Trail Race is nothing without the help of volunteers. Whether you want a remote Checkpoint or a Transition Area where you can drive in and camp with the family, we have a job for you! We attract a lot of fun volunteers and this is also a great opportunity to meet new people.

Race Volunteers

All volunteers get a race T-shirt, a meal with the racers at the awards ceremony, draw prize opportunities and more. Most importantly, you get to experience a fantastic event and cheer racers on as they push themselves to the limit. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us: .

Be sure to have a look at the Volunteer Overview documents we have created:
What to Expect – Volunteer Overview
Volunteer Schedule
Volunteer Documents
Find Your Location (if you already signed up)

First Name:*
Last Name:*
Email Address:*
Phone (with area code-preferably Mobile #):*
Notes (skills, requests, specific volunteers you want to work with, specific locations you want to work or avoid, etc):
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Volunteer Locations: You are signing up for specific times and locations – please pick as many as you like but do not overlap times. Once a spot is filled, we record it on the schedule.  Click on the location for a site description.*
Registration-Friday – Castle Mountain Resort
FULL 1200-1600hrs Fri. 2/2 Spots
1600-2000hrs Fri. 3/6 Spots
Start Line – Castle Mountain Resort
Includes basic gear set-up
0800-1100hrs Sat. 2/5 Spots
CP1a – Paradise Valley
ATV/Hike-in Only! We can shuttle.
0800-1230hrs Sat. 2/3 Spots
CP1b – Huckleberry Chair
4x4 or Hike-in! We can shuttle.
0915-1300hrs Sat. 0/3 Spots
CP2 – Haig Lake
ATV/Hike-in Only! We can shuttle.
0900-1200hrs Sat. 0/3 Spots
FULL 1200-1530hrs Sat. 4/3 Spots
CP3 – Summit
ATV/Hike-in Only! We can shuttle.
FULL 0930-1430hrs Sat. 3/3 Spots
1430-1900hrs Sat. 0/3 Spots
TA/Finish– Castle Mountain Resort
1100-1400hrs Sat. 1/5 Spots
1400-1800hrs Sat. 3/5 Spots
1800-2000hrs Sat. 1/3 Spots
1st Aid – At Trainsition Area
Minimum Standard 1st Aid Required-must be verified. You may select back-to-back shifts.
FULL 0900-1300hrs Sat. 2/2 Spots
1230-1630hrs Sat. 0/2 Spots
1600-1800hrs Sat. 1/2 Spots
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