Castle Alpine Trail Race Course

Here is the first preview of the course. The route may be tweaked to achieve the optimal experience that we want, but expect 26k, maybe snow, and so much elevation.

Not one bit of pavement on this course! Note, we are still working on approvals for this race.

Distance: 26.3km
Gain: 2,148m
Loss: 2,148m
Duration: 10 hours to complete the course

Leg 1 - Haig Paradise

Distance: 9.91km
Gain: 750m
Loss: 750m
Max: 2,179m
Trail Type: Singletrack, doubletrack, dirt road, off trail
Must Start: 09:00hrs
Cutoff: 12:30hrs

You start with a steady climb up to Paradise Lake, followed by a relentless climb up to Haig Ridge. This is one of the most scenic, but seldom-visited highlights of the area. Then it's a steep, fast downhill back to the resort for the start of Leg 2

Leg 2 - Salt Lick

Distance: 8.03km
Gain: 465m
Loss: 465m
Max: 1,846m
Trail Type: Singletrack, doubletrack, dirt road
Must Start: 12:30hrs
Cutoff: 15:30hrs

Heading south down the Haig Lake valley, you get some incredible, winding single track, and more of that. This is a prime berry-picking area if the weather has been just right and they haven't already been eaten by our grumpy, hungry, four-legged friends. Cresting the hill to Haig Lake is one of the most stunning vistas in the area.

Leg 3 - Gravey Train

Distance: 8.37km
Gain: 933m
Loss: 933m
Max: 2,330m
Trail Type: doubletrack, dirt road
Must Start: 15:30hrs
Cutoff: 19:00hrs

Get ready for the big climb. Fun fact - Castle Mountain Resort isn't actually on Castle Mountain... it's on Gravenstafel. Ol' Gravey throws it all at you: steep climbs, wind, and generally gnarly weather. The out-and-back along Gravenstafel Ridge offers views into the Syncline Valley to the south; another seldom-visted area of southern Alberta. With another rapid descent, and your toes bursting out of your shoes, you'll be dreaming of Leg 4 (AKA the T-Bar Lounge).



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