Volunteer Overview

Be sure to check out the find your location by name page to see where you are, if you have signed up already.

First - don't be intimidated by all of this information. We provide a lot of details for the ├╝ber-planners but volunteering is really straightforward. Volunteering is great – it’s how many people get into the sport. You’ll have the opportunity to meet some good people and see some amazing scenery, especially if you go to a remote Checkpoint (CP). The foremost priority that a volunteer has to be concerned with is safety – both yours and the racers. We also want you to have a lot of fun!

We try and make the experience as simple as possible for volunteers. At The Dark, there are only a few roles that volunteers play:

Checkpoint (CP): You will go down into the mine for this one. We require two volunteers at the turnaround point. Whlie shifts are typically four hours, we will try and give the CP volunteers a break or chance to swtich every hour.

Aid Station : This is mostly being around the main tent to help the racers. It will include food prep primarily.

Stuff to Bring

Make sure you also have enough gear to keep yourself comfortable during the race. Even though we will have heaters in the tent and the mine, it could be cold, especially outside overnight. Suggested gear:

Don't be afraid to ask questions – we want your experience to be rewarding and fun.


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