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THE DARK is nothing without the help of volunteers. We attract a lot of fun volunteers and this is also a great opportunity to meet new people.

Race Volunteers

All volunteers get a race swag and a meal with the racers at the awards ceremony. Most importantly, you get to experience a fantastic event and cheer racers on as they push themselves to the limit. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us: .

Be sure to have a look at the Volunteer Overview documents we have created:
What to Expect – Volunteer Overview
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Registration-Friday – Sinister Sports Office 
FULL 1800-2000hrs Friday 2/2 Spots
Checkpoint and Aid Station – Bellevue Underground Mine
The options include working in the aid station tent or in the mine at the turnaround - we will try and rotate everyone in and out within their comfort level (nobody is forced to go into the mine).
FULL 0900-1300hrs Sat.6/6 Spots
1300-1700hrs Sat.3/6 Spots
FULL 1700-2100hrs Sat.6/6 Spots
2100hrs Sat.-0000hrs Sun.2/6 Spots
0000-0400hrs Sun.0/4 Spots
0400-0700hrs Sun.2/4 Spots
0700-1100hrs Sun.1/4 Spots
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