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Know the Rules!

Recommended Gear

We suggest you carry the following gear. You may elect to carry additional gear at your discretion.

  1. Waist light (optional)
  2. Wind/water resistant jacket
  3. Toque or warm hat
  4. Space blanket (shelter)
  5. Warm blanket and clothes (for the aid station when taking breaks)
  6. Race Bib (mandatory)
  7. Timing Chip (mandatory)

If you do not wear your timing chip or bib number, as per the race rules, you are not considered a competitor in the event.

Competitors are allowed to wear helmets in the mine. There is always a risk of bumping your head when running in a tunnel, and there is a very small chance of falling debris, although this is not a normal occurrence in the mine.

No cups at aid stations

Note: Please consider using a reusable drinking vessel so that we do not go through hundreds of disposable cups!

Prohibited/Restricted Items

  1. Performance-Enhancing Drugs: See Race Rules. 
  2. Dogs: Competitors are not allowed to bring dogs onto the course. 
  3. Headlamps: This may seem counterintuitive but headlamps will blind other runners. The tunnel will be lit with fixed lanterns so it will be dim but not completely dark. You are welcome to use waist lamps or handheld lights. 
  4. Food (in the mine shaft): dropped food will both go mouldy and attract rodents - we also need to have no garbage dropped in the mine so that it is clean for other visitors. 
  5. External Speakers: Competitors are not allowed to use external speakers as it will be disruptive to other competitors.

Rules and Definitions


Race Rules

  1. Competitors are required to check in no later than 30 minutes prior to their start time on the day of the race and sign a waiver provided by Sinister Sports Inc. A competitor is considered DNS without a signed waiver.
  2. Competitors are responsible for their own medical coverage and all costs incurred by any form of rescue services, treatment, or hospitalization if they are injured during the race. If emergency evacuation is required, the cost will be the responsibility of the individual in need of assistance. This includes the cost of airlifting and helicopter or ground search if required.
  3. The race begins at 10:00am on the Saturday of the event. Different categories will have separate start times in order to minimize congestion on the race route.
  4. All competitors will complete a Le Mans-style start at the beginning of their first loop; this is in place to separate the group and reduce congestion.
    1. Competitors will run to the wooden arch near the top of the mine access road, then continue into the mine shaft.
  5. The race ends at the following times:
    1. 6 hours after the start of the 6-hour category
    2. 12 hours after the start of the 12-hour category
    3. 24 hours after the start of the 24-hour category
  6. Competitors will be ranked based on the number of loops they complete within the allotted time. Competitors are allowed to start their final loop prior to the finish time in each category and must finish their loop within ten minutes. If the competitor does not finish their final loop within ten minutes, they will not receive credit for that loop.
  7. Where there is a tie, the tiebreaker will be evaluated as follows:
    1. The competitors will be evaluated based on their fastest lap overall, with the fastest being the winner.
    2. If the data is unavailable or the tie persists, the shortest overall time on the last lap will be used to determine the winner.
    3. If the tie still persists or the data is not available, competitors will have the option of doing one tie-breaking lap with the fastest being the winner.
  8. Racers must follow the direction signs at the mine portal, which indicate the direction of travel. The direction of travel will switch every six hours. 
    1. At the six hour mark, an announcement will be made and competitors in the tunnel will simply cross the centreline. 
  9. Start and finish times may be adjusted at the discretion of the Race Director due to environmental, traffic, or safety factors.
  10. The only means of travel on the course is self-powered and on foot (running, walking, crawling); using any other means of travel will result in disqualification.
  11. The timing chip is the property of Sinister Sports, or its suppliers, and must be returned at the end of the race. Not returning the timing chip will result in a $75 fee.
  12. A timing chip and bib number must be worn while on the course or the competitor is not considered a participant in the race. The bib must be worn on the front of your body so that it is visible to race marshals.
  13. Competitors must go around the timing point at the far end of the mine shaft on each loop or their time will not be recorded and the loop will not be considered valid.
  14. Competitors must run along the outside wall and allow other competitors to pass on the inside of the lane.
  15. Competitors must not cross the centreline, unless they are changing directions at the prescribed 6-hour mark. 
  16. Headlamps are not allowed on course, as described under the Prohibited Items section. You may wear a waist lamp or use a handheld light.  
  17. Competitors are allowed assistance (eg: support crew, volunteer, race marshal, or bystander) only at the designated CP, outside of the mine shaft. Accepting assistance outside the CP from anyone besides a registered competitor or race medic will result in disqualification. 
  18. Competitors are not allowed to use pacers. Competitors may run with other registered competitors.
  19. Competitors are not allowed to cache food or gear along the route and no food is allowed in the mine shaft.
  20. Littering on the course is unacceptable and will result in immediate disqualification.
  21. Any competitor found using, or supplying performance-enhancing drugs to other competitors, will be disqualified and permanently barred from all Sinister Sports events. See for banned substances. Sinister Sports Inc. respects any existing bans and will comply with any investigation undertaken by anti-doping agencies.
  22. Any competitor that drops out of the race must notify the nearest race marshal or director at the earliest opportunity. 
  23. Medical staff and/or Race Directors may remove any competitor from the race course if they feel it is unsafe for the competitor to proceed (eg: natural hazards, hypothermia, dehydration, frostbite, debilitating injury).
  24. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and may result in disqualification at the discretion of the race director.
  25. Any disputes with the race course, race results, course management or the actions of other competitors must be submitted to the Race Director, in writing, within 30 minutes of the end of the race (based on the plaintiff’s category). If not received within this time, complaints will not be considered.
  26. The Race Director will determine if there has been a violation of these rules and will be the final authority in assigning penalties.

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