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Solo male from Dead Man's Flats, AB, CA

In late 2015 my wife prodded me to train for a half marathon with her. Prior to this, I had never run further than a 1500m since back in grade school. I started training that winter and entered 3 half marathons and two 10km runs in 2016 including the Edmonton Half Marathon, Cold Lake Base Run, and Banff's Melissa's Half. That year I battled through two torn meniscus on my left knee and my sports medicine doctor told me to hang up the running shoes if I wanted to be walking in 5 years. Well... Sometimes I don't listen. Over the next 2 years, I worked through physio on my knee, played excessive amounts of squash to keep my cardio up, worked through more physio on additional injuries including a level 2 calf tear, off-track Patella (kneecap), and lower back pain from misalignment (all injuries on my left side). In 2018 we moved our family to Canmore Alberta with aspirations of getting back into running more preferably running trail. Late in 2018, my friend Kevin Folk convinced me to sign up for my first Ultra and in February of 2019, I signed up for the Mount Robson 50km Ultra and started training to make it happen. Along the way, I joined Kevin's wife's team Whippin' & Spurrin' for the Black Spur 108km Relay as a primer for Mount Robson. As a result of our successful mixed team win in the relay as well as the amazing job Sinister Sports did for the event, I was hooked on trail running and knew that I would be coming back. I went on to finish the Mount Robson Ultra to complete my season and check one more item off my bucket list. And that, as they say, was that! After licking my wounds and Chillaxing for a few weeks, I decided that I wanted to be like the gentleman I met at the Black Spur Ultra getting his picture taken with his Sinister Triple Buckle. He was an older gentleman, maybe in his mid-fifties or so, and he said that completing the triple was the longest toughest year of his life. It stuck with me, and I couldn't shake the thought that if he can make it happen, maybe a dashing spry 40-year-old can do it as well. So I talked with my Physiotherapist and devised a plan to make it happen over the next two years (to avoid further injuries of course). As a result, for 2020 I will run at least 2 ultras with one of them being 100+ kms. As of Dec 1, 2019, I am signed up to tackle the Sin-7 50 miler and will also attempt the Black Spur 108km Solo. With a little hard work and dedication and these goals successfully achieved in 2020, I will then shoot to rise to the challenge of the Sinister Triple in 2021 and earn myself my very own belt buckle. ... Dare to Dream Jon ... Dare to Dream!

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