Terms + Conditions (Old)

Why the Update? Our Terms and Conditions were updated on March 24, 2020. With the recent pandemic, event organizers everywhere are examining their best practices and we are making changes to keep in line with these unpredictable circumstances. If you registered prior to March 24, 2020, the previous terms and conditions still apply and we will honour that the best we can under these rapidly changing events. The Terms and Conditions prior to March to March 24, 2020 are here:

Updated November 19, 2019


1. Participation in Sinister Sports Inc. (SSI) Events

Participating in a trail running race, off-trail race, mountain running, or race training clinic is a potentially hazardous activity. Registrants agree to participate only if they are physically able, are prepared to to carry the necessary gear, and agree to abide by all rules of the event. Registrants will seek a physician’s advice and approval if they have any doubt as to their physical ability. The race directors of SSI have the right to refuse the participation of any registrant if they feel there is a concern for that person’s health and safety, including withdrawing the participant from competition. The participant assumes all risks associated with this event, which may include, but are not limited to, dehydration, hypothermia, falls, poor conditions on the racecourse, poor weather, animal encounters, contact with other registrants, and vehicle traffic. Registrants must complete and sign a waiver prior to commencing the event. Minors are only allowed to participate in the event if they present a waiver that is signed by a parent or authorized guardian. These regulations are for the safety of all participants in the race. SSI reserves the right to disqualify and remove anyone from the event if they in any way contravene the rules, engage in unsportsmanlike behavior or endanger themselves or other participants. If you are not a Canadian citizen or you are not covered by Canadian public healthcare, you are responsible for acquiring sufficient insurance coverage prior to starting the race.


2. Use of Images

SSI has the right to use any photographs or video recording taken of participants and spectators during the course of the event without remuneration to the individual. This includes reproduction in both print and electronic media.


3. Prizes and Gifts

Any prizes or items for racer gift bags are sponsored and may change without notice due to availability. SSI reserves the right to cancel any sponsored gifts or prizes without notice should the items become unavailable.


4. Payment

You are not considered registered until full payment is received. The registrant agrees to pay the full amount quoted when registering. If payment is not received at that time, the registration may be canceled.


5. Registration Fees

SSI reserves the right to change the price of the event without notice. Registrants that have already paid in full will not have their entry fee increased due to a price change.


6. Registration Numbers

SSI reserves the right to change the registration limit for the race without notice.


7. Refund + Withdrawal Policy

If you need to withdrawal from the race, we are able to provide a refund or transfer to another SSI event on the following schedule:

  • Sinister 7 Ultra
    • December 1 until April 15 – 90% refund or defer to another event
    • After April 15 refunds and deferrals are not available
  • Canadian Death Race
    • December 1 until May 15 – 90% refund or defer to another event
    • After May 15 refunds and deferrals are not available
  • Black Spur Ultra
    • December 1 until June 30 – 90% refund or defer to another event
    • After June 30 refunds and deferrals are not available
  • Run the Rocks
    • December 1 until July 30 – 90% refund or defer to another event
    • After July 30 refunds and deferrals are not available
  • Training Camps
    • 90% refund or deferral available up until 45 days before the training camp
    • After 45 days before a training camp refunds are not available
  • No refunds or deferrals will be given, under any circumstances, in the 30 days prior to a race, or after the race has commenced

SSI has an obligation to work with only the individual who paid for a registration. Refunds will be transferred back to the original credit card that paid for the entry. If this is not possible, it will be sent via e-transfer to the original payer, or anyone they authorize to receive the refund.

If you wish to transfer your registration to someone else, see section 8 below.


8. Registration Changes + Transfers

Registrants may transfer their entry to another individual, or modify their registration, up until 14 days before the race, although we cannot guarantee T-shirt availability if changes are made in the last 60 days. Refunds for the removal of team members will be given based on the Refund + Withdrawal Policy above.


9. Race Cancellation Policy

If the race is canceled due to act of nature, area closure, or any other circumstances outside of the reasonable control of SSI, we are able to give a 90% refund up until 60 days before the race. SSI will work to accommodate racers in another event if possible, but this will be done only at the discretion of the Race Director. No refunds will be given, under any circumstances, after the race has commenced.