Racing During Covid-19

Racer COVID-19 Protocols for SSI Races

The following protocols have been put into place in order to minimize the risk of COVID-19 exposure for you, volunteers, the public, and our staff. Please read carefully to ensure that you fully understand what is expected of you from the time of arrival to the time of departure. This information is adapted from guidelines created by the International Trail Running Association (ITRA), the Province of Alberta, and the Province of British Columbia.


  1. A mask should be worn at any time maintaining a 2-metre distance from others outside of your cohort group is not possible. 
  2. Use hand sanitizer and abide by physical distancing information / directional markings when present. 
  3. Cheering and yelling in close proximity to others is strongly discouraged as it presents a high risk of spreading droplets.
  4. Spectators are encouraged to not attend. If spectators do attend, they are not permitted to enter the race area.
  5. If you present symptoms of Covid-19, immediately notify race administration, put on a mask, isolate, and contact 811 for further instructions. A self-assessment tool is available at


  1. You must agree to NOT attend if:
    1. You have a fever of 38 ˚C or higher on race day.
    2. You show ANY signs or symptoms of Covid-19 in the 14 days leading up race day (ex: New continuous cough, fever, change/loss of taste/smell).
    3. You have been in contact with anyone who is sick (symptomatic) in the 14 days leading up to race day. 
    4. Have travelled outside of Canada in the 14 days leading up to race day.
      **Any support crew, supporters, or others you intend to bring are also subject to these criteria.
  2. Sign the updated waiver and COVID-19 disclaimer prior to the start of the event.
  3. NO LIVE BRIEFING: A video briefing will be emailed to all registered racers and posted on our website/social media.
  4. Group text and email will be used for distributing any last-minute updates/changes.


  1. Only registered racers OR one designated support crew member may enter the bag pick-up area. Teams should designate one team/support crew member to collect for the entire team.
  2. Hand sanitizer, signs and physical distancing markers will be in place, as well as directional markings, to assist with physical distancing. 


  1. Spectators are discouraged from attending. If you plan to bring a support crew, limit the number of members and be aware that they must all abide by all race rules and regulations, as well as physical distancing guidelines. 
    1. Personal support crew members are not considered a part of the race - they are spectators.
  2. Only the racer or one designated member of their support crew is permitted in the bag pickup/food kiosk area at any time. 
    1. Support crew members must be identified with an orange wristband (available at check-in on Friday) in order to enter aid stations in place of the racer. 
    2. Support crew members are not allowed to wait for their racer inside the TA area.
  3. Sinister Sports reserves the right to place further restrictions as deemed necessary (ex: too many people gathering in the same area at a given time).


  1. Racers may not arrive on-site more than 15 minutes prior to their designated start time. 
  2. Support crew/spectators are not permitted in the start area at any time.
  3. Racers must wear a mask when assembling in the start area. Masks may be removed once you exit the Start Area. 
  4. Racers must maintain a 2-meter distance from each other and volunteers. 
  5. Racers will wait outside of the start corral and only approach when called to the front.


  1. Maintain a 2-meter distance from other competitors, volunteers, and race crew at all times.
  2. When passing, announce from behind (eg: Passing on the left), and wait until it is possible to pass with at least a 2-meter distance side-by-side.
  3. Spitting and clearing your nose must not be done within 10 meters of anyone else.
  4. As per our Race Rules, the use of pacers is not permitted.


  1. Timing will be done using hands-free chips carried by the racer.
  2. Start groups will be assigned in advance and you must start at the time given. Racers may not change their start group unless directed by the Race Staff. 
  3. Ten (10) racers will start in 1-minute waves until all racers in the group have started. 
    1. Racers will self-seed within their start group. The closest ten people will be asked to enter the start corral.
  4. Your time begins when you cross the mat at the start line.
    1. Stay 2m from the mat! If you approach the start arch prior to your start time to take a photo, your race time may activate!


  1. Aid stations will have pre-packaged food bags, bottled water, bulk gel, electrolyte, hot liquids (at TA2 only). 
    1. Take only what you are given and do not pick through the bags; this is not buffet-style. 
    2. You may request to have your gel flask filled or for hot broth/hot chocolate/coffee from the volunteer at the station.
    3. No lingering when other racers are present.
    4. Grab what you need and keep moving! 
  2. Drop bags will be under a tent at each TA. This area is not for resting and only eight (8) people are allowed in the area at a time.
  3. Racers may set up their own support station at Transition Areas, while maintaining physical distancing - maximum of 3m x 3m (10’ square) and away from designated racer area.
    1. Refrain from sharing food/beverages with others outside of your cohort group.
  4. Hand sanitizer will be available and use is mandatory by all racers. 
  5. Racers must use hand sanitizer prior to interacting with any volunteers or crew members or accessing supplies at the aid station.
  6. When others are present, consider wearing a mask.


  1. Racers should pick up their medal from the table in the finish corral. 
  2. When others are present, do not linger in the finish area to take photos or wait for others. 
  3. Awards will be done via live video unless otherwise noted.
    1. Prizes can be picked up at race HQ or from the Sinister Sports office, located at 2419 213 Street, Bellevue, AB T0K 0C0 upon completion of the awards.

Please note: any failure to comply with these protocols may result in removal from the event. We are all trying to do the best we can during this challenging time.

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