Training Camps

For those who want a high-intensity weekend in the mountains, join us a weekend of running and fitness. Everyone is welcome but these camps are geared towards soloists.

Black Spur Ultra Training Camp

Spring training! Get out early in Kimberley and enjoy some flowy singletrack with our trainers. We will do most of the course over the weekend, depending on how much snow is left.

Sinister 7 Ultra Training Camp

This camp is geared towards 100-mile competitors, and will get you out on some of the toughest parts of the course. The days are weather-dependent as we can still have snow up high in June.

Death Race Training Camp

This camp is geared towards solo competitors, and you will visit parts of the course with trainers who know it like the backs of their hands.

About the Trainer

Keri Bowzaylo

Keri Bowzaylo


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