Castle Alpine Trail Race

Unparalleled scenery and lots of climbing in this classic, alpine trail run. Hosted at Castle Mountain Resort, this new race is a hidden gem.

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Near Death Marathon

The first two stages of the Canadian Death Race. The 42 km course passes over Grande and Flood summits, and gives you the highlights of the area.

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Hook or Crook Ultra

By any means necessary. Run, snowshoe, crazy carpet - whatever you need to do to get through this wild, early-season romp in the woods.

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Black Spur Ultra 54k

A race wrought from the winding, technical single track that trail runners dream about. No pavement, big climbs through rugged terrain, and stunning scenery. Hosted at Kimberley Alpine Resort, you can walk to the start line right from your hotel room.

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Sinister 7 Ultra 50-Mile

New for 2020! The Sinister 7 Ultra 50-mile is half of the existing Leg 4, and then Legs 5-7. This is a great option to see the back of the course, and with a generous finish cutoff of 24-hours, it's a great way to step into longer races.

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Black Spur Ultra 108k

Looking for more? The Black Spur Ultra 108k is a tough, technical run in a world class setting. Hosted simultaneously with the 54k, this race will push your limits. It's also easy on your support crew with one central staging area right at the resort.

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Canadian Death Race

Since the start of the millennium, racers have come to the Canadian Rockies to cheat Death in one of the world's toughest adventure races. The 125 km course passes over three mountain summits, and not only includes over 17,000 feet of elevation change but a major river crossing at the spectacular Hell's Gate canyon.

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Sinister 7 Ultra 100-Mile

This may be the greatest challenge of your life. The 100 mile (161km) course will take you through the most rugged, remote and beautiful terrain in Alberta's stunning Rocky Mountains. With 6,400m of elevation gain across the course, this race will punish those who are not prepared.

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Run Training

We work with well-known running coaches to bring you live, on-course training for our races. Traditionally this has meant sessions for both Sinister 7 Ultra and Canadian Death Race, but we also have other sessions available as interest grows.

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Virtual Races and Events

We branched into virtual races and events in 2020. This includes HER QUEST, a women-only race, and festive year-end holiday events. If you can't be a part of a live event, or you're just starting out and maybe feel a bit unsure, try a virtual event. They are social and fun with flexible timelines.

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