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Only people who chose to defer to 2021 or 2022 can log in here

Thanks for sticking with us. It looks like the Covid-19 restrictions are going to continue into 2021 so we have a number of constraints to manage.

Due to limitations on numbers imposed by the government, it is unlikely that we will be able to move all of those who requested deferral into the 2021 season. So, we are creating a few new races to help give you options. As restrictions lift, we will increase our numbers again. If too many people want into one particular race, we will have to go to a lottery. This is unfortunate but out of our control. If you don't get into any of the races you want, or if you just want to wait, you can continue to defer to 2022 by leaving the option as Default, or select the Defer to 2022 option. By default, you are deferred to the race of your choice. You can always log in to check your status.

To recap, because you chose the deferral option, you are receiving first crack at these races. 70% of your entry fee will be forwarded to your next race with us. The remainder, if any, will be invoiced when your entry is confirmed. You also received entry to our virtual running festival (still online if you missed out), your fees are held at the 2020 rates, and you will receive special swag at your next race with us.


Use the email address and password you created when you paid for the entry.

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