1 part Hanukkah, 8 parts running, and about 1,000 parts fun!

Nov. 28 to Dec. 5

Daily Prize

Make sure you submit your results on the form (link above) - no form means you aren't entered in the daily draw. Prizes are drawn the day after so that we can check the results that have been submitted. That means we award a prize in each category on December 11 through 18.


Share it on our Facebook group or Instagram, and hashtag #runukkah2020

Daily Distance

It's over - go home!

Meet the Streakers!

Check out the other Run Streakers HERE. The map below had a point for every city or town where we have a runner in our holiday virtual events.

(Blue snowflakes = Runukkah / Green tree = Advent Run)

December 10-17

Join us for an 8-day run streak that'll increase your mileage while getting some fun swag and a shot at great daily prizes.

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, or you just love running, socializing with runners, and swag, this will be LIT! ;)

How it Works

In the tradition of Hanukkah, you have to light a candle every night for eight nights. Pick your starting distance and add that same mileage every day for eight days, starting on December 10:

  • 1km, 2km, 3km, 4km, 5km, 6km, 7km, 8km – or
  • 2km, 4km, 6km, 8km, 10km, 12km, 14km, 16km – or
  • 3km, 6km, 9km, 12km, 15km, 18km, 21km, 24km!

Record your run on some kind of digital device and share your progress with us via the online results form to qualify for the daily prize. Also share stats and images on our Runukkah Facebook group or by commenting on our daily Instagram post, hashtagging #runukkah2020. It can be shared via Strava, Garmin, Suunto, Runkeeper, or any other app that records distance and can spit out a link.

If you are doing a run longer than required on any of the days, make sure to only send a segment for the distance that you are supposed to do that day!

The daily prize is described below. There will be an additional prize for the person with the best cumulative time in their category at the end of the run streak.

Make sure to check out the Terms and Conditions and Virtual Waiver before registering.

What You Get

You get a beautifully ugly, custom-designed, long-sleeve Runukkah tech top. You also get a race medal (which doubles as a Runukkah ornament for your mantle) designed and produced by our race crew. Most importantly, you get to participate in a really fun virtual event, pushing yourself to run, despite the cooler weather, while getting to socialize (distantly) with runners from all over the place.

Note: we cannot guaranty the availability of shirts if you register after November 19. We will get you something though! Promise. Shipping times are longer than normal due to the holidays and Covid-19 so please be patient!

Dreidel! Dreidel! Dreidel! = Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!

Dreidel Spin

A big part of the tradition is the dreidel. Normally a gambling game, we're going to use the dreidel to award prizes. There will be one prize each day in each of the 8km, 16km, and 24km categories. Here's how we're going to do it.

Each morning, after everyone had a chance to submit their results from the day before, we spin the dreidel for each distance category.

Gimmel = fastest posted time in the category takes the prize

Shin = slowest posted time in the category takes the prize

Hey = median posted time in the category takes the prize

Nun = random draw from the people who submitted their results

So everyone gets a shot at winning each day, not just the leaders! Prize are provided by our generous sponsors.

Double Dip

One of the beautiful things about virtual runs and races is that you can do more than one at a time. So yes! You can double dip your events.

We will have additional swag for people who register for both Runukkah and the Advent Run Streak.

Swag and Prize Shipping

Let's be realistic - shipping is slow these days due to Covid, and it's also the holidays, which means this could take a while. Our vendors are also swamped with all of the holiday orders, but they're working as hard as they can!

For anyone who registers by November 9, we will order your shirts and send them out before the end of November by Canada Post. If you register after November 9, our shirt suppliers are saying that it could take a bit longer, but we'll do our best to get the swag to you promptly.

For participants outside of Canada, we will need to add a $5 to $10 surcharge based on your location. Out-of-country shipping is taking a lot longer, unfortunately.

If you want your swag faster, we can arrange special shipping with you after you register! Please try to be patient though. Everything is moving slower because of the pandemic.

We ship from our home base in Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, but we're sometimes on the move and we can try to hand deliver if we're in your neighbourhood.


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