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Here is a preview of the course. The route may be tweaked to achieve the optimal experience that we want, but expect 50k, snow, and some good elevation.

Not one bit of pavement on this course!

Download the course files in GPX format: 3 Stages Separate Lines | Full Route - One Line. This can be used with most navigation products and Google Earth.

CAUTION: If you choose to explore using this information, you do so at your own risk. These files are for reference only. Do not enter land that is marked as private.


Distance: 50km
Gain: 1,870m
Loss: 1,870m
Duration: 15 hours to complete the course

Leg 1 - Powderkeg

Distance: 5km
Gain: 184m
Loss: 184m
Max: 1,454m
Trail Type: Singletrack, doubletrack
Must Start: 07:00hrs
Cutoff: 08:00hrs

A quick jaunt around Pass Powderkeg to spread everyone out and get your blood flowing. There are some narrow sections of amazing singletrack on this section, so jockey for position early.

Leg 2 - Ironstone

Distance: 25km
Gain: 1,068m
Loss: 1,058m
Max: 1,996m
Trail Type: Singletrack, doubletrack, dirt road
Must Start: 08:00hrs
Cutoff: 15:00hrs

Heading up and over the ski hill, you are rewarded with 360 degree views of the area. From there you head west and make your way up to Ironstone Lookout, with even more high alpine views. Expect snow on this approach and think about what snivel gear you want to pack at CP1; it's a long way up.

Leg 3 - Saddle

Distance: 20km
Gain: 618m
Loss: 628m
Max: 1,611m
Trail Type: Singletrack, doubletrack, dirt road
Must Start: 15:00hrs
Cutoff: 22:00hrs

After you catch your breath from the climb up Willoughby Ridge, you enter some of the sweetest single track in the area. You loop around Saddle Mountain and begin to make your way back to PPK, the last big climb, and the last big descent.


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