The Vert


It's all about The Vert

June 12-13

Hills for days. Well... one day, actually. 

How it works

The name is basically the format. You love hills, and we want to give you what you love. Choose a hill or get on your dreadmill (seriously - aren't you tired of being inside?). You can start any time before 1200 hours on June 12 and you have 24 hours to get as much vert as possible. Start between 0000 hours and 1200 hours in your time zone

We will not consider any distance recorded, other than to verify the vertical.

CUTOFF TIME: 24 hours. Start climbing by 1200 hours on June 13 and you have 24 hours to complete your run

RANKINGS: In order to compete, you need to share your Strava or send us a suitable GPS file (GPX preferably). So charge up that watch and carry a spare battery, or grab a handheld GPS.

COURSE/TERRAIN: We hope you will get outside on a favourite trail while respecting any social distancing measures and area closures. Or you can run on a dreadmill... but c'mon, we're trail runners. 

AWARDS: Female/Male 

SWAG: You will get a custom race medal and garment (we're still deciding). You will be able to download and print a bib - we will not be mailing them out due to time constraints.


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